First Look at the Interior of Crew Dragon, SpaceX’s Next-Generation Spacecraft

Thanks to Elon Musk’s SpaceX and the spacecraft maker’s collaboration with NASA, American astronauts will soon no longer need the help of the Russians to go to the International Space Station. It’s a matter of about two years, but until then the company’s CEO was kind enough to release a closer view of what the spacecraft looks like on the inside.
First Look at the Interior of Crew Dragon, SpaceX’ Next-Generation Spacecraft 1 photo
Photo: NASA
First he says we could turn Mars into a habitable planet by nuking its polls as if he was talking about some type of a video game, and now this. Things are always surprising with Elon Musk, but that’s just part of his success. Instead of making a grand announcement he just pays a visit to one of the most viewed television shows and drops the bomb. That was the other day, mind you; this time around another random announcement was made.

Not too many words were released with this announcement, though, NASA’s presentation of SpaceX’s shuttle rather comes in the shape of visuals. We’re talking about some great photo and video shots all put together for everybody to see what space travel will look like shortly.

The Dragon 2 spaceship was already presented last year, but this Crew Dragon shuttle is the actual craft astronauts will use to travel from Earth to the ISS and back. The key to this deal is that the Falcon rockets will never be destroyed like they do today, but refueled. This way a lot of money will be saved, therefore traveling through space becomes a lot more affordable.

Sure, that’s the plan, but Elon Musk and SpaceX engineers still need to figure out a way around the latest Falcon landings that, unfortunately, were a failure. They managed to get close, though, and according to the Tesla Motors CEO the first manned flights to the outer space should happen in about two years. Meanwhile, let us all take a closer look inside, literally.

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