Elon Musk Says Nuking Mars Would Make It Habitable – Video

It’s not the first time somebody calls the head of one of the fastest growing automotive companies in the world Tony Stark, but the way the newest host of The Late Show did it was different. As we all, Stephen Colbert also knew Elon Musk will be one of his first guests on the show, but judging by this interview it appears he wasn’t quite ready for the job.
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Photo: The Late Show
Whether he was nervous or just not well enough prepared for the job it seems that Colbert doesn’t know much about Elon Musk and his background. This comes as a surprise considering he starts the interview – which aired on Wednesday, by telling him he also has a Tesla car and that he loves it. However, Musk once again saves the day the moment he talks about how humans could turn Mars into a habitable planet.

First, the new The Late Show host calls Musk one of the CEOs at SpaceX, which causes a little bit of discontent, but it doesn’t seem like he knows much of the other ventures the billionaire is involved with.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of hints noteworthy, such as the fact Tesla Motors CEO believes the first rocket with people on board should safely take off somewhere between two to three years from now, and we’re not talking about astronauts here.

Most of the people interested in SpaceX’s plans have guessed this much already, but it may be one of the first times the inventor officially admits the spaceship program is not here just to help out NASA, but for commercial flights too.

Other than that, Musk again points out that we need to switch to sustainable means of energy in this century if we want to keep living on this planet. He also said that populating other planets will be possible once rockets will not be destroyed after each flight and merely filled up instead.

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