First Electric Hydrofoil Sports Boat Coming in 2015 for €15K

There are high chances jet skis will be obsolete in about 10 years or so, especially because hydrofoils are starting to make a forceful entry into the recreational watercraft market. In a few months from now, you’ll be able to buy this contraption named the Quadrofoil at a very competitive price.
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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
As the name suggests, the Quadrofoil is a lightweight watercraft that uses four hydrofoils to navigate more easily. What the name doesn’t say is the fact that it’s powered only with electricity. No noise coming from a combustion engine will affect the serenity of the tropical lagoon you’ll explore with his baby.

And you’re not going to shout to your passenger to attract his/hers attention at whatever interesting thing you’ll encounter in your trip. Oh, forgot to mention that the Quadrofoil has room for two, but instead of sitting on a long narrow bench like those on ski jets, they’ll comfortably admire the view from normal sportscar-like bolstered seats.

Why hydrofoils?

Looking at that sexy angled plastic hull, you’d say it would have been enough for you to jump the waves with. Well, I don’t know if you’ve been on a light boat before, but skipping even tiny waves at speed feels like jumping over speed bumps.

A hydrofoil is basically an underwater adjustable wing that will raise the boat’s hull above the surface at a certain speed to minimize drag, further increase speed, reduce power consumption and ultimately increase passenger comfort.

The Quadrofoil uses four such blades along with an electric motor that enables it to reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h (21 knots). Each foil comes with an anti-collision system that will absorb the forces in case of a shock and even if you hit a an underwater log and damage all of them, the watercraft will simply float thanks to its hollow hull.

Without the motor, batteries and hydrofoils, the thing weighs only 100 kg (220 lb). And speaking of motors, you’ll have two to choose from - a 5.5 or a 3.7 kW unit backed up by a 10 or 4.5 kWh battery pack accordingly.


Either you chose, steering will be done using an airplane-like steering that centers a high-res touch screen display to show you battery level, range, speed and consumption. It also doubles as a detachable key.

Safety gear is included in the pack, each Quadrofoil coming with two life jackets, a paddle and a safety whistle.

The first 100 units start at €22,000 as part of a limited production run, all fitted with the bigger motor and battery pack. Shippings start in March 2015. The other version comes in the second quarter, fitted with the smaller powertrain and wears a €15,000 price tag.

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