Ferrari's 812 Successor Due May 3, Listen to Its Glorious V12 Engine Here

Ferrari 812 Successor 6 photos
Photo: Ferrari
Ferrari 812 SuccessorFerrari 812 SuccessorFerrari 812 SuccessorFerrari 812 SuccessorFerrari 812 Successor
Ferrari just took to its social media accounts to release a couple of teasers for an upcoming product. The model is a V12-powered supercar, and all details suggest it is the 812's successor.
The 8-second clip posted on X reveals a few highlights, including the rear deck with the famous Ferrari lettering. This footage also shows the Prancing Horse logo on the hood and tells us when the model is due: May 3.

A second teaser released on Instagram shows the late Enzo Ferrari sharing a story referencing the V12's soundtrack. At the end of it, the camera cuts to a blurry clip of the vehicle in question as it takes off while its twelve-cylinder engine, deemed "a unique, incomparable masterpiece" and "a timeless symphony that transcends replication," makes a lot of noise.

As mentioned above, we're convinced the model is the successor to the 812. The vehicle has been spotted doing its thing in the open on numerous occasions, and while the early mules used the Roma's modified body on top of the yet-unnamed machine's underpinnings, the Italian company eventually gave it its own body, which was heavily covered in trippy camouflage.

Ferrari 812 Successor
Photo: Ferrari
We still do not know a lot of things about it despite being only one day away from being officially unveiled. And we do not only mean its name, as the F167 (internal codename) still has to reveal its magic numbers. Still, we can assume that it will be way more powerful and faster than the Ferrari 812 Competizione, which is a neck-snapping punchy V12 symphony on wheels.

The latter model uses a naturally aspirated V12 motor that churns out 818 hp (830 ps/610 kW) at a fabulous 9,250 rpm and 510 pound-foot (692 Nm) of torque at 7,000 rpm. The 6.5L V12 can be revved up to 9,500 rpm and works in concert with a seven-speed DCT. The 812 Competizione has four-wheel steering, tips the scales at 3,278 pounds (1,487 kg) dry, and rides on the 20-inch alloys that are a bit wider at the rear.

According to the official spec sheet, Ferrari's 812 Competizione is very impressive in a straight-line acceleration, with the 62 mph (100 kph) mark showing up on the speedometer 2.85 seconds after the front mid-engined supercar takes off. Should the driver keep the right pedal to the floor, then the model will eventually run out of breath at over 211 mph (340 kph).

We wouldn't be surprised to learn that Ferrari has already previewed its upcoming V12-powered exotic beast to a VIP crowd during an internal event hosted recently. However, the rest of us will have to wait a few more hours to learn its secrets. So, are you excited about the upcoming supercar?

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