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Ferrari 458 Italia and 750 hp Nissan GT-R Street Racing

The Nissan GT-R has been accused of being a robot that does anything for the driver and thus creates a clinical, cold driving experience. Well, here is the video proof that such a conclusion about the Japanese supercar is wrong: the adjacent video shows us a tuned GT-R racing a Ferrari 458 Italia, with the Godzilla winning on the highway, but not managing to pull away on twisty mountain roads.
We are talking about a SP Engineering Nissan GT-R, which comes with 750 hp. On the highway, the vehicle leaves the Italian supercar trailing in its wake, but when the road starts throwing bends at the two cars that are racing, the driver in the Nissan isn’t able to leave the Ferrari behind, even though the car reinforce his (lack of?) skills with its ATTESA E-TS 4WD system.


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