Ferrari 458 Crashes at 140 MPH, Splits in Half

A Ferrari 458 Italia recently went through a severe accident in the US, with the supercar splitting in half due to the impact. We are reportedly dealing with a joyride accident here.
Ferrari 458 Crashes at 140 MPH 1 photo
It seems that a transport company employee who was supposed to load the supercar on a trailer. Instead, the man decided to go for a drive. Things escalated rather quickly and, somewhere around 140 mph (225 km/h), the driver lost control of the 458 Italia. He hit a post and brought the car in the condition you see above.

The Ferrari 458’s crash structure did what is supposed to do - the rear with the engine and the fascia, detached itself from the car in order to dissipate the energy of the impact. Alas, the driver is reportedly in a coma, while his passenger also suffered serious injuries in the accident.

The story reminds us of the Lamborghini Aventador that was split in half in a Brooklyn crash earlier this year. Nevertheless, the Aventador was traveling much slower, so the effects on the occupants were far less severe.

Via: zero2turbo


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