Faraday Future Releases First Official Video of Its Vehicle, It's a Teaser

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There is currently a swarm of startups that plan on releasing their own electric vehicles in the coming months or years, but Faraday Future manages to stand out of the crowd.
That's because the San Francisco-based company isn't just very far ahead with its first car, but it is also building a large factory in Nevada, just North of Las Vegas. The investment, believed to be in the region of one billion dollars, looks a bit threatened right now as reports emerged last week saying that Faraday Future was behind on its payments toward the construction company. Oh, not much, about $50 million in total.

Both parties involved have since released a joint statement saying they were working on ways to solve the problem, by which we suppose they meant that FF was finally wiring the money it owed. However, even if the situation was taken care of, the company still had to suffer an image blow, which is probably why it felt the need to reassure everybody on the CES 2017 launch by releasing this very short teaser video.

We already know from previous spy shots that the car is going to be a crossover - not a bulky SUV like the Tesla Model X, but a far sleeker vehicle with a more agile profile. The teaser, featuring a car fully-clad in camouflage, doesn't reveal anything new, and the very few seconds that actually feature the vehicle aren't very telling.

We do get to see a close-up of its nose, and it looks like Faraday Future's model will sport a more conventional design than the one Tesla uses. It anything, the FF crossover's front seems to resemble a Mustang at this point, but once that black fabric is taken off, we could be faced with anything. Right now, though, it looks like it comes with a classic radiator grille design, which is a bit surprising. Maybe Faraday Future wants to stay way from the "look at me, I'm electric" approach, which might actually be a smart choice.

The teaser seems to focus on the fact that the vehicle is fully electric and therefore silent, which is a bit funny these days when everybody knows what to expect from an EV. Even so, it's good to see Faraday Future is still on schedule with the January release, which seems to be the silent message conveyed by this clip.

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