Family Feud Destroys BMW E89 Z4 in China

It's not a welcome sight to watch two people go at it in a road rage incident. It's even worse when those two are related. The father-son bond should be all about respect and caring for one another not beating each other senseless.
BMW E89 Z4 totaled by MB S-Class 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
In China though, things are really different. According to Chinese reports, the video below involves a father and son, setting their disputes on public roads. If it wasn't for the media reporting this, I wouldn't have believed it for a moment.

At first, the father, driving a Mercedes-Benz S-Class just scratches the son's car, a BMW Z4, just so that moments later it completely destroys it with a side ram. The BMW's safety features deploy and keep the man alive, as he struggles to get out of the car and run away from his madness stricken father.

We're don't know what caused the incident but we surely regret seeing two beautiful cars being destroyed by lack of common sense. Oh, we don't really care about the two men, if they are stupid enough to do so, they deserve to suffer the consequences.

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