Faith in Humanity Restored: Rider Strops Traffic to Help Blind Old Man Cross the Street

Rider Strops Traffic to Help Blind Old Man Cross the Street 1 photo
Photo: Youtube
Often looked at with disrespect, fear, and you-name-it other negative feelings, motorcycle riders are not all rapist escaped convicts drug-dealing murderers as sometimes the tabloids present them. The video after the jump shows just how humane some riders are and why not, their courage facing opposition from other motorists.
The story takes place in the Russian or former Soviet space, judging by the license plates. In broad daylight, an old blind man is trying to cross a very busy, multi-lane avenue, and it’s really amazing that he has made it so far. Not that all drivers in that part of the world are fighting in the streets like mad men over the most puny road rage incidents, but sorry, this is the stereotype…

However, much credit goes to this unknown rider as he shows absolutely no hesitation when deciding to stop for help. He slows down carefully and turns, forcing the traffic behind him to stop, and speaks to the old man, guiding him towards the sidewalk.

Even more, he rides slowly by the old man’s side, to make sure he will be alright. Great to see the rider unimpressed by some cars honking behind him in the busy street, and seeing off the old man to the edge of the road. And then he simply rides away, like a true gentleman. Hats off, sir!

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