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Euro NCAP Gives New Peugeot 308 a 5-Star Rating

Crucial to Peugeot's recovery in Europe, the new Peugeot 308 was launched this year onto the family compact segment, facing off against VW's new Golf. This segment also features some of the safest cars you can buy at reasonable prices. For instance, VW's presave systems lower the windows a little bit before you crash, so the pressure won't damage your ears.
Peugeot 308 crash test 1 photo
It's great news then that Peugeot's new 308 received a 5-star rating from European safety body Euro NCAP. The car scored a high 92% for adult occupant protection, 79% for child occupant protection and 64% for how well it handles pedestrian impacts. They also tested the electronic stability control systems and found they were good.

"The passenger compartment remained stable in the frontal impact. Dummy readings indicated good protection of the knees and femurs of the driver and passenger. Peugeot showed that a similar level of protection would be provided to occupants of different sizes and to those in different positions. In the side barrier test, the 308 scored maximum points with good protection of all body regions. In the more severe side pole impact, dummy readings of rib compression indicated a marginal level of chest protection. The front seats and head restraints provided good protection against whiplash injury in the event of a rear-end collision," Euro NCAP says.

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 Download: Peugeot 308 Euro NCAP (PDF)


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