Enraged Wife Destroys Husband’s Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 Over Cheating, Car Ends in the Scrapyard

Raged Wife Destroys Husband’s Mercedes SLK 350 4 photos
Photo: Emile Hendricks, Netwerk24
Raged Wife Destroys Husband’s Mercedes SLK 350Raged Wife Destroys Husband’s Mercedes SLK 350Raged Wife Destroys Husband’s Mercedes SLK 350
If you were to buy the luxury 2-door roadster right now you’d need at least $43,000 to even start talking about it. Add up just a couple of features and the price will plunge to a different level. Other than that, the fact that we’re looking at one of Mercedes’ most beautiful luxury cars still on the market should make any owner think twice when it comes to keeping it safe.
And cheating on your spouse sure doesn’t feel like you are keeping your car safe, because let’s face it your partner will always know what your soft spot truly is. Nevertheless, here we are once again writing about what seems to be the “wife ruins husband’s car because he cheated on her” type of situation.

The “murder scene” is South Africa this time and involves quite a lot of rage taken out on the car, since the pictures were taken in a scrapyard. Such fury did the betrayed woman hold on the Mercedes that it seems there was nothing left to do to save it. Reports are the car was found in a Kimberly scrapyard in this severely damaged condition.

It appears the woman used a pickaxe and spray paint to take her rage out on her husband’s white Mercedes-Benz SLK 350, but it’s still unclear what exactly happened to spark the fight. In fact, it is believed that the couple eventually divorced due to infidelity, but it’s unsure whether the husband or wife was the guilty party in the affair. Something tells us the man was being unfaithful.

One thing is certain, cheating was the reason the car got totaled and the words written on the sides stand as proof. According to News24, the spray-painted words “hoer vervoer” and “hoer jaer” roughly translate to “whore transport” and “whore racer/hunter” respectively.

It’s the second scandal of this type we stumbled upon in less than a month so we can only hope it hasn’t become some sort of a trend. It really hurts our eyes to see these pictures...
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