EA SPORTS F1 24 Comes With a Significant Discount for F1 2021, F1 22, or F1 23 Owners

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Given that the gaming world loves to hear "world premiere" during huge gaming shows like the upcoming Summer Game Fest or The Game Awards, here's a world industry premiere for you: EA just launched the F1 24 trailer and said that people who already won F1 2021, F1 22 or F1 23 get 15% off the upcoming 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship racing title.
So is EA starting to be "for the people," or is the company desperate and grasping for attention? Most likely it's neither of these, given that EA is making money hand over fist from microtransactions alone. You might be amazed to learn how much of the company's revenue is due to ex-FIFAs or EA Sports FC Ultimate Team modes.

A 2022 report by involving EA's fiscal year report for 2021 said the former FUT modes generated $1.62 billion, comprising almost 30% of EA's business. More recently, said that in FY (fiscal year) 2023, meaning April 2022 through March 2023, Electronic Arts made almost $4.3 billion from "extra content." The kicker (pun intended) is that Ultimate Team and Apex Legends were responsible for close to half of that.

Following that storyline, EA might be "crazy like a fox" to offer F1 24 at a 15% discount for previous iterations owners. First of all, the publisher is not handing out free copies. Secondly, it could be more of an attempt to ensure loyal customers remain loyal. By lowering the entry fee, you get more people who already own other versions to try the new one. More players means more potential customers for microtransactions.

F1 24

Conspiracy theories aside, let's check out what F1 24 brings to the table. The most boasted feature is the "newly innovated" Driver Career mode, where you can create your own hero. It even features legends from the sport's past if you wish to walk on an already-trodden path. Driver Career mode features a brand new accolades system, secret contract meetings, multi-season rivalries, and other such tidbits.

To build your reputation among the Paddock people, you will have on-track objectives. Also, you can secure new deals or ensure better secret negotiation meetings by completing Contract Targets.

Your rep will affect the support you'll receive from your team via R&D upgrades. The more your reputation grows, the more your team will help you in your quest for high-speed glory. Interestingly enough, you can go hard with just one type of innovation or be more calculated and create a balanced build.

Aside from these short-term goals, of course, you have ambitions in the long term based on season expectations. This could include finishing in the top 10 spots, certain pole positions, and even winning the World Championship if your results match the heights of your ambition.

F1 24
Want a friend to tag along? No problem! In the two-player Career mode, you can team up with another player or even face each other as rivals. Both sound enticing, so it all boils down to your preferred method of co-oping.

Challenge Career is an introductive feature where you'll be committed, body and spirit, to a 24-race season. Here, you'll assume the role of a pre-chosen F1 driver and compete in a series of mini-seasons influenced by community voting, otherwise known as vote-and-hope-others-will-choose-what-you-want. F1 World is returning this edition, housing Multiplayer, Grand Prix, Time Trial, and the new Fanzone feature.

EA's Codemasters devs are pretty confident in F1 24. Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director, said, "Our biggest Career innovation since 2016 delivers more of what our players want with greater variety away from the track. Alongside new handling and Career innovations, updated circuits, new audio, and a refreshed broadcast presentation give players the feeling of being closer to the grid." The EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling system is also something to look out for during gameplay.

While it's normal for the marketing department to write such wonderful press releases, let's hope the launch condition of the Formula 1 game will be without reproach. However, we are talking about EA here, which launched one of the most undercooked and worst-optimised AAA games of 2023, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. In all fairness, the Star Wars and F1 teams have nothing to do with each other, but they do have the same publisher in common, which wields the dangerous power of the release date.

F1 24
F1 24 is coming out on May 31 on current and last-gen consoles like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on the EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Store. It's available to pre-order, although I never advise pre-ordering any game.

The Standard edition costs $70 and contains the F1 World Starter Pack, 5,000 PitCoin virtual currency to spend in-game, and Dual Entitlement which activates the game for both last and current-gen consoles.

The $90 Champions Edition includes the limited-time bonus McLaren, Williams, Alpine, and Haas '24 liveries and the McLaren and Alpine F1 esports liveries in Time Trial in F1 23. You'll get the latter in F1 24 as well when it launches. Another limited-time bonus comprises a second set of 2024 liveries in F1 23 after May 1.

This edition also comes with three days of Early Access, special events with unlockable rewards during early access only, one VIP Podium Pass, two New My Team Icons, F1 World Bumper Pack, 18,000 PitCoins, and the Dual Entitlement feature for consoles.

Lastly, if you're playing on a PC with a VR headset, you can look forward to playing F1 in VR. To properly run the game on a computer, for the minimum requirements, you need at least an Intel Core i3-2130, Core i5-9600k (VR), AMD FX 4300 or Ryzen 5 2600X (VR) processor coupled with an NVIDIA GTX 1060 (6GB), GTX 1660Ti (VR), RTX 2060 (RT), AMD RX 480 (8GB), RX 590 (VR), 6700XT (RT), or an Intel Arc A380 (VR/RT) GPU.

For the recommended specs, your beefy PC needs to have at least an Intel Core i5-9600k or AMD Ryzen 5 2600X processor with an NVIDIA RTX 2070 (+VR), RTX 3070 (RT), AMD RX 6600XT, RX 6700XT (VR), RX 6800 (RT), or Intel Arc A580 (VR/RT) graphics card.

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