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Ducati Scrambler Inspires the Gannet Tracker

It’s again time to bring forth some interesting re-thinking of actual bikes signed by Ulfert Janssen of Gannet Design. For today, we’ve got a sweet machine revisited by Janssen and which, despite not becoming dramatically different, introduces a most welcome extra custom vibe… welcome the Gannet Tracker, the new Ducati Scrambler alias.
Gannet Tracker Coppertail 3 photos
Gannet Tracker Ducati Scrambler CoppertailGannet Tracker Ducati Scrambler Blue
For some, the all-new Scrambler Ducati has introduced earlier this fall is a dream come true. Borgo Panigale has ceased manufacturing the Scrambler decades ago, and no credible news on a revival of the model has reached the media until recently. A massive teasing campaign ensued and it almost begun to annoy people fretting with anticipation.A simple bike which looks really inviting to modders
We met with the Scrambler face to face and even though Ducati has definitely cut some corners here and there when it comes to the less-than-perfect finishing touches, the bike looks nice. Its simplicity and clean design are carte blanche for the bike builders and modders and we are positive that the Scrambler will undergo some hacking, sawing and welding right after the bikes arrive in dealerships.

In fact Ducati themselves have made the first step in this direction, announcing no less than 4 different versions of the same platform, each addressing a different type of riders. So seeing Ulfert Janssen’s early custom interpretation of the Scrambler is a very neat signal inviting builders to tidy up their shops and prepare for the incoming bikes.Emphasizing the classic features
The Gannet Tracker does not necessarily bring new things to the Scrambler, and for what is worth, this approach is a rather smart one. Ducati has indeed built the whole Scrambler campaign upon the retro “values” and the current bike is a bridge across a multi-decade gap. Seeing Janssen not adding unnecessary modern touches to the Scrambler is both a token of respect for the bike’s heritage and the designer’s vision.

The Coppertail and the Blue are almost identical, but the first one has been devoid of the implements making it street-legal. With no turn signals and no headlight, the Coppertail Scrambler will remain the retro king of the roadside paths, or could become a competitor on flat track races in the dirt. Its Blue sibling can be ridden in the city and along the highways, as the project has not binned these road safety elements.

Both Gannet Trackers have rerouted exhaust pipes, and this adds a solid dose of real scrambler attitude. Ulfert Janssen added a sporty, aggressive shorty silencer to the build and we cannot help thinking about the killer sound of the Scrambler with a sport Termignoni exhaust we showed you earlier.

Janssen went for a completely new subframe which shows off the iconic trellis design Ducati is famous for, while the short seat is a clear statement that the Tracker is a bike for solo fun. The redesigned tank-shaping covers and the enduro front fender are most welcome modification for the Scrambler.

Unlike other concepts, this Gannet design is feasible and we’d be surprised if nobody picks it up. There’s still some time until the Scrambler starts shipping so the invitation to ready your workshops wasn’t exactly a joke.


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