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Ducati Scooter Rumors Not Slashed, Imagination Runs Wild Once More

It’s only days after the media reported on how Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali said that the company is not dismissing a potential scooter project in the future and uttered the magic worlds “a Ducati scooter is not blasphemy”, that imagination runs wild once more. It looks like a Ducati scooter would receive a rather warm welcome if Borgo Panigale decided to make one. However, how would this two-wheeler look like is still deep in imagination territory.
A Ducati maxi scooter rendering 3 photos
Ducati Maxi Scooter conceptAudi Maxi Scooter concept
However, this only brings back to memory one of the old designs imagined by Oberdan Bezzi, from the early days of Audi ownership. Of course, the maxi-scooter back then just had to bear Audi’s four-circle badge. The fears that the German car manufacturer would take over bike production were the main concern, even though we soon learned that Ducati would retain full control over bike development.The 850cc engine seems to be the favorite
Obiboi’s initial Audi design should be therefore upgraded to a red livery and the 4-circle badge replaced with the Ducati shield. A very interesting thing can be observed: nobody is anticipating anything but a maxi-scooter from Borgo Panigale.

Honestly, a maxi-scooter powered by the 849cc l-twin engine which can currently be found on the Streetfighter sounds a bit silly… and incredibly fun. Surely, 132 horsepower for a maxi scooter is overkill and could make the bike a bit difficult to handle, at least for newer riders, but once they start learning how things work, such a scooter would indeed be a blast.

We’re only anticipating how things MIGHT be in case Ducati feels like adding a scooter to the product range. In fact there’s no telling how things could look and how much evil would Ducati instill in their new machine. Even so, it looks like everyone (in the media and among fans) agrees that the Ducati scooter should be a breathtaking machine, even though not the cheapest commuter of the all.

In fact, Ducati has never been about cheap and well-behaved machines, and there’s no reason to tap into this segment with a scooter, is it?


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