Drunk Pedestrian Nearly Gets Run Over On Highway

Driving at night requires a lot more concentration than driving during the daytime, as you have virtually unlimited visibility and time to react. At night, all you can see is how far your headlight beams will go, and that’s it - usually much less than the required braking distance from highway speeds.
This Russian driver is just driving at night, when a man suddenly appears in the middle of his lane. Swerving left, he manages to only hit the drunk pedestrian with the wing mirror of his car, which gave the drunk man a foot fracture, probably due to the fall, and not the actual impact.

This is why xenon or LED headlights have now arrived on the scene, to make night driving safer for all drivers, and they really do make a huge difference, and everybody who has switched from halogen to HID or LED only have high praise for both systems - the latter is still quite rare, but some more high-end new cars do have full-LED headlights.
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