Drunk Driver in GT-R Causes Fatal Accident in China - EV Taxi Catches Fire

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The Nissan GT-R is a great handling car. It’s partly down to its excellent chassis with all-wheel drive traction and partly down to its very clever electronic brain which always manages to keep it on the road and pointing straight, regardless of the road conditions or driver experience (it’s said to be pretty easy to drive).
However, a drunk driver in China, speeding in his GT-R caused a very serious crash in which 3 people were sadly killed. The accident involved 3 cars, the Nissan GT-R, (what appears to be) a red taxi and a BYD E6 Electric Taxi from the Shenzhen region of China.

The accident took place at exactly 3:08 AM local time, and witnesses report the Nissan was going extremely quickly, at around 200km/h (125mph), when the driver lost control and slammed into the electric BYD E6, then into the other (red and petrol powered) taxi. The EV immediately caught fire, and all three people on board were killed, with one other person in the red taxi also getting injured, though not seriously.

The driver of the GT-R fled the scene at first, but later gave himself up to the police. This now begs the question: How did a car with no fuel on board bur to its bare metal shell in mere minutes? The BYD E6 is one of 400 taxis operating in the Shenzhen area, as part of a feasibility project, with plans to bring an extra 400 in by the end of the year. The plan may be halted, as this is not the first Chinese EV burning to a crisp, with a Fiat Multipla-based Zotye Langyue EV, also used as a taxi in Hangzhou, caught fire last month, but nobody was injured, thankfully.

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