Drifting Magic, and Some Fails, on the 'Ring Is a Perfect Start to Your Day

Whether you’re a drifting god or you’ve never heard those tires screech in your life, there’s something about seeing a bunch of cars go sideways that’s strangely appealing to everyone.
Drifting on the Nurburgring 1 photo
But there’s more than just one way of looking at this type of activity. We can appreciate a nice, clean, controlled slide around a bend and stand up and clap at the master (or very lucky guy) behind the wheel, but just as well we can have a hearty laugh at a poor sod who unintentionally lost control of his car and spun on the track. And just to make something clear from the start, no, laughing at people who fail at drifting won’t send you to hell.

Some of the sequences you’ll see below are undoubtedly from a drifting event, and don’t worry, you will easily identify them. In most cases, they show people driving BMWs and doing a very good job of not going in a straight line. Some of them even poke their hands out of the window to wave while drifting, but that’s the kind of showing off that gives BMW drivers an undeserved bad name.

In some cases, the track is wet, which is obviously a blessing for those trying to break traction and also a relief for the poor tires. On the other hand, for those people who are just there to enjoy a quiet day on the track, the damp asphalt is a bit of a nuisance. But that’s good news for us.

And then there are those guys drifting in their Ferraris and other exotics, risking the integrity of their hundred-thousand dollar machines just to make it on YouTube. Now these are the kind of people who deserve our utmost respect, but only after slapping them and yelling “what were you thinking, man?”

Anyway, prepare yourself for seven and a half minutes of really nice cars doing silly things on the Nurburgring. It might actually be a good idea to save this clip for Monday morning.


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