Drifting at 100 MPH While Trying to Make a Burrito Won't End Well

Ever tried to make a burrito with your car... while you were drifting, at 100 mph (that's 160 km/h)? Yes, we know, that may sound like quite a stretch, but this is not our imagination talking. Instead, we're dealing with pro drifter Matt Powers and his most recent stunt.
Drifting at 100 MPH While Trying To Make a Burrito 1 photo
As it turns out, the former Formula D racer is a massive burrito fan, so his latest clip mixes this culinary passion with his love of all things sideways.

So no, we weren't kidding in the intro. However, the action in the footage might be a bit different to what you might expect.

While Matt did enjoy a burrito inside his S14 Silvia drift car, he didn't make that one, or at least not in front of the camera.

Instead, the Nissan clipped balloons that had been filled with all the ingredients you need to come up with a delicious burrito.

Nevertheless, trying to pull such stunts usually takes its toll on one's car and this case was no exception. As a result, the Silvia's rear bumper was sent off to the kitchen in the process. Given how often such episodes happen in the drifting world, we wouldn't worry too much about it.

Now that drifting has become mainstream, be prepared to see more and more of these stunts

We can now safely say drifting has become a mainstream activity. One excellent indicator for that is the fact that carmakers such as Porsche and McLaren, who used to only be obsessed with lap times, have now integrated slip angle shenanigans into their activities.

As a result, we expect to see the "drifting while [insert your favorite extra activity here" trend rise so you can consider the clip we have here a taste of things to come. Don't forget the extra guac, okay?

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