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Donkervoort Preparing D8 GTO

Christmas has passed, but automotive producers from all over the world still take their time to offer us presents. The latest company to give us a nicely wrapped box with a red ribbon on top is the Dutch carmaker Donkervoort.

Do you want to open it with us? Good, let’s see what’s inside! Oh, awesone, a piece of information about a future model called D8 GTO.

We are talking about the open top version of the D8 GT. This is the perfect time to offer you a topless vehicle. We’re not being ironic here: as winter is revving its engines, bringing us a coat of snow and ice, we can start dreaming about the spring, when we’ll be able to enjoy this kind of four-wheeled creations.

Returning to the D8 GTO, we’ll tell you that the most important change that will accompany the dropping of the roof will be a powerplant-related one. The GTO won’t come with Audi’s 1.8 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Instead, the vehicle will be powered by another engine coming from the German automaker.

Of course, this leaves multiple possibilities. The vehicle could borrow the 2.0 TFSI engine, a move that would offer in in excess of 200 hp. However, since we mentioned dreaming, we’ll bring you a wild thought: maybe the car will get the 2.5 liter five-cylinder unit from the TT RS and RS3. This would allow the car to offer its driver no less than 340 hp, turning it into a beast ready to take down many names that play in the supercar league.


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