Dog Chauffeurs Boy in a Scaled-Down Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Driving the smooth German Gran Tourer is comparable with holding the wheel of an American relative, namely it subscribes to similar rules. This is what we found when we got our hands on the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster. Clearly, the contraption in question is nothing like that, considering it’s the regular toy car moms love to see their kids playing with.
Dog Chauffeurs Boy in a Scaled Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 1 photo
Photo: Jessica Wolf on YouTube
In the automotive new age if we’re allowed to call it that way, nothing is particular anymore. Supercars sometimes borrow lines from sportscars, similarly to how real autos get their toy replicas. Perhaps it’s too Monday to get our thoughts in order. Maybe toy cars are what all kids should play with at a certain age, at least until they get big enough actually to drive the real thing.

What you see in the video below appears to be a toy car being driven by a pooch, while the passenger is being chauffeured around. Hey, the real SLS AMG is Mercedes-Benz’s last naturally aspirated engine, we get that. It’s a 2-seater luxury supercar that still impresses petrolheads worldwide through both its performance and design. But this is a toy made of plastic and powered by a small battery; how can a dog drive it?

Well, no dog is driving it, sorry for spoiling your excitement. Behind all these, there’s a caring mother who enjoys making her son happy, apparently. Yes, she’s the one remote controlling the contraption.

There’s another thing we can’t quite figure out yet and perhaps you can help us out with it. We're wondering, is this video the result of a happy afternoon in which it so happened that somebody was using a camera? Or was everything planned in advance, meant to be that way. Call us paranoid, but it feels like more and more people keep filming their kids just to get those 10 minutes of fame on YouTube. Let us hope it’s not the case.

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