Dainese D-air Misano 1000, the Most Advanced Motorcycle Jacket to Date

Dainese D-air Misano 1000 joins the airbag garment family 11 photos
Photo: Dainese
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Italian riding gear specialists Dainese have seized the moment and revealed their newest addition to the airbag-equipped motorcycle jackets roster. Last weekend, Dainese showed the D-air Misano 1000 airbag motorcycle jacket during the San Marino Grand Prix, and this garment looks like a real game changer.
Airbag-equipped motorcycle jackets have been around for some time now, but Dainese and Alpinestars have the upper hand in this technology, with the former having spearheaded the segment for years.

The D-air Misano 1000 is derived directly from Dainese's racing suits used by so many professional riders in World Superbike, Grand Prix racing and multiple other series around the world. A product focusing on endowing customers with the same degree of protection as pro riders, the D-air Misano 1000 jacket uses the same technology as the one-piece racing leathers revealed earlier.

A bike-independent, self-sufficient jacket that deploys and inflates in 45 milliseconds

There are two things that make the D-air Misano 1000 stand from the crowd: the fact that the entire airbag system is bike-independent and its blazing fast total deployment time.

Other airbag jackets use tether lines tying the rider to the bike, or need a set of bike-mounted sensors. It goes without saying, both systems are significantly reducing the versatility and applicability of the jackets. Dainese's jacket can be worn by any rider on any bike, regardless of how new or old the two- or three-wheeler, or even quad might be.

The D-air Misano 1000 is a self-sufficient safety device, incorporating accelerometer sensors, a GPS unit, a processor that analyzes data flows from the sensors 800 times a second, and of course, a rechargeable battery and the gas canister.

An on-off button is easily accessible in the collar clasp, and a LED indicator is present on the left shoulder. Microelastic sections increase wearing comfort, while impact protection is supplemented by two aluminium shoulder shields.

A 5cm bladder between the rider's body and the obstacles

Dainese D-air Misano 1000 comes with a special air bladder that is 5 cm (2") thick when fully inflated. It covers the chest and collarbone areas, and is complemented by a racing-grade back protector. The bladder retains its shape when fully inflated thanks to an internal micro-filament structure that prevent unwanted warping.

The Italian manufacturer claims that the airbag bladder becomes fully inflated in 45 milliseconds, and it will deflate seconds after the impact. Dainese will service the jackets, and it's possible that a replacement subscription plan becomes available after the garments hit the stores..

At €1,499 (equivalent of $1,695), the Dainese D-air Misano 1000 leather jacket is anything but cheap, but to certain riders, the extra protection it brings may be worth the investment. So far, the D-air Misano 1000 will only be available in Europe, expected to cross the pond in North America around mid-2016.

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