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Daewoo Matiz Driver Double Parks at Asda, Hilarity Ensues – Photo Gallery

Remember the Daewoo Matiz? Neither do we, yet this old Korean microcar is still used by some poor soul in Great Britain. That someone appears to do his weekly shopping at Asda, where he (or she) likes to double park, as you can see from the pics below.
Daewoo Matiz double parks at Asda 8 photos
Daewoo Matiz double parks at AsdaDaewoo Matiz double parks at AsdaDaewoo Matiz double parks at AsdaDaewoo Matiz double parks at AsdaDaewoo Matiz double parks at AsdaDaewoo Matiz double parks at AsdaDaewoo Matiz double parks at Asda
"So what if someone double parks? It's an often occurrence in a supermarket parking lot." You're right on this one, but there's a catch. In this offending motorist's case, other driver cared to scrawl notes (and a diagram) about why it's wrong to park across two family parking spaces at Asda.

The supermarket in question is located in West Bridgford, Nottingham, according to the man that uploaded the adjacent photographs. Angry shoppers plastered the little Korean machine with handwritten notes that go like: "Where did you learn to drive? Please send me their number so I can use them," as well as a diagram titled "How to Park." It doesn't get more LOL and shameful than this for the offending driver.

Another angry Asda shopper plastered a note that reads: "Knew they did disabled parking spaces. But now parking spaces for the blind." Our favorites, however, are: "Park in the trees," "How incredibly selfish," and "Ignore these losers – I love your parking!" Apparently, there's another Daewoo Matiz lover in the United Kingdom. Or someone with a healthy sense of humor.

Nevertheless, these pictures were uploaded on Kirk Ward's Facebook account, with him adding that the offender received a £70 fine because he surpassed the 2-hour parking limit imposed by Asda stores in the United Kingdom. Mind you, the Matiz driver deserves it not because he's your typical cobweb head behind the steering wheel, but for the awful Korean car he is still driving in 2015.

As a refresher, the Daewoo Matiz is an 851-kilogram small hatchback manufactured between 1998 and 2004. Designed by Italdesign Giugiaro (not kidding) and developed before General Motors acquired the South Korean outfit, the Matiz is now replaced by the much more car-like Chevrolet Spark.

After all, the original's 52 horsepower 796 cc motor is an affront to the internal combustion engine and cheap & cheerful cars you can find nowadays in the European A-segment, including the Toyota Aygo.


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