Dacia Produces 4 Millionth Vehicle in Mioveni

Just as the rumors surrounding the plans mother group Renault has to slowly shift the production of Dacia models from Romania to Morocco, Europe's favorite low cost brand is celebrating the production of the 4 millionth vehicle at the plant in Mioveni.

The milestone was reached this week, when a brand new Duster model rolled off the assembly lines, just to be met with applause and a huge sign showing its number. The model which will go down in history as the 4 millionth Dacia ever produced in Romania comes in 4x4 configuration, is equipped with a 1.5 dCI 110 hp engine and is painted in Duster's trademark color, Cajun.

The model has already been purchased by a 58-year-old physician, who says the Duster is her fifth Dacia model she owned over the years. And, even if the Euro NCAP does not agree, the woman says she chose the new Duster because of the “the safety it inspires,” among other things.

“I wanted a 4x4 vehicle, a car for my family, which could take us fishing, on vacation, in the mountains,"
said the Dacia customer.

The milestone achieved this week in Mioveni is impressive for an auto maker not used to manufacture as many models in a year. Have a look at the following numbers and convince yourselves. Dacia produced the car no. 1 million in 1985, 17 years after the plant opened. The second millionth car rolled out in 1998 (a 13-year gap), while the 3 millionth Dacia arrived after an extra 9 years, in 2007. As a testimony of its success, it only took Dacia four years to add another million to the count.


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