Customer Orders Manual BMW M235i Gets an Automatic

The BMW M235i is definitely a return of the E46 M3 in the view of many enthusiasts (ourselves included) and has therefore sparked a lot of interest. As a result, the one to have from an aficionado point of view is the manual version, while it’s still up for grabs.
BMW M235i 1 photo
Photo: Catalin Garmacea
One unlucky customer had the unpleasant surprise of ordering one such car and receiving it in manual guise. According to his own statement, the car arrived exactly as he ordered it, only with the wrong transmission.

Needless to say he was disappointed by the way things turned out. Furthermore, he wanted to let things go initially and just accept some offer the dealer made (that included a coating for his car, free of charge) because he wasn’t willing to wait another couple of months to get the right car.

After taking it up with BMW North America, initially nothing changed, the response he got being that he has to take it up with the dealer as they were the ones that made a mistake. Then, a Reddit post started trending.

Our disgruntled hero wanted to vent and posted his unfortunate story on Reddit receiving an overwhelming response from the community. The dealership also found out about his post and started showing signs that the problem will finally be resolved.

The thing is, most people blamed him for taking the automatic car in the first place, which was a mistake, no doubt about it, but the problem here was the background.

Just before his car arrived, the customer was involved in a car accident that totaled his ride. Therefore, by the time his manual M235i arrived he’d have to ask people around to give him a ride. Having a cast on and doing therapy three times a week, you can understand that wasn’t really an option.

Furthermore, he had paid for the automatic and gotten an incentive for it that he would then lose for a mistake that wasn’t his in the first place. How many of you would’ve gone about it differently?

The resolution

In the end, after corporate got involved, his problem was fixed. First, the dealership called him and finally agreed to take the car back and order a new one. Not only that but they also offered him a loner while he’s waiting for his car. It’s a 328i but hey, at least it’s something.

The problem is everyone was treating him like public enemy number one while he was back in their dealership because of his Reddit post. However, one can’t help but wonder what the outcome of this situation would have been without the help on this large internet community. Furthermore, to this day, he didn’t get an apology for the whole misunderstanding which is the first thing that the dealership should’ve done. Maybe that will change too, in the long run.
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