Crazy Polish M3 Driver Races Bikes Through Warsaw Traffic

BMW M3 Racing Bikes Through Warsaw 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Every BMW driver must’ve heard the saying ‘Drive it like you stole it’ more than once in his lifetime but this guy is taking things to a whole new level.
Usually, a race between a car and a bike is not even up for discussion when someone proposes it. That’s because the bike will always have a better power to weight ratio but that won’t stop some people from racing, of course.

Take the driver in the video below, for example. He decides that racing his BMW E92 M3 against a couple of bikes is a good idea. Furthermore, the action happens in Warsaw, in traffic, the place where the two-wheelers would have a definite advantage due to their more compact size.

That doesn’t seem to stop our driver here that apparently thinks he’s on two wheels as well, at least judging from the way he drives, swerving between lanes and squeezing in between cars as closely as possible.

The law also doesn’t seem to mean anything to the racers as you can clearly see them running a couple of red lights, overtaking on the right, on double white lines and even going on the wrong side a couple of times.

Of course, on longer stretches, the 1,800 kg car does struggle to keep up since it has just 420 HP at its disposal, offering a power to weight ratio of around 4 horses per kilo. At the same time, the bikes (a Yamaha YZF R1 and a Suzuki Hayabusa) have around 1 HP per kilo. Even so, it’s still quite impressive how the M3 handles itself in heavy traffic, where the madman manages to keep up.

Don’t take it as an encouragement though. We do not condone this kind of driving by any means and we surely advise you against replicating what you’re about to see. Take it just as a ‘not like this’ example.

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