Craig Vetter 2014 Fuel Challenge This Weekend

Craig Vetter and his Streamliner 1 photo
Photo: Craig Vetter
One weekend before the last MotoGP race of the first half of the 2014 championship, we get some intense, though different kind of motorcycle action: the 2014 Craig Vetter Fuel Challenge.
Younger readers might not know who Craig Vetter is, so before they google out his name, we’ll just say that he is one of the most respected names in automotive and motorcycle aerodynamics, and has been spearheading aerodynamic research since the mid-60’s. And in case you thought he’s just an old nostalgic man dreaming in the past, well, you’ll be surprised to learn that he’s not.

No further than last year, he has helped the pioneer of long-distance electric touring Terry Hershner with the design of dramatically more air-efficient fairings for the Zero bike he toured the US with. And since you’re in googling mode, you can also check out Terry’s amazing adventures, as well.

Back to the very present, this weekend’s AMA Vintage Days event in Mansfield Ohio will host the 7th edition of the Fuel Challenge. The competition involved a 154-mile run (248 km), from Mansfield to the AMA Hall of Fame Museum and back. The main thing about this contest is to spend as little fuel as possible during the trip, with the gas bills for the fill-up after the return being taken into consideration.

Certain rules apply, make sure you check with Craig Vetter’s website. Entrants into the 2014 Vetter Fuel Challenge must also purchase tickets for the AMA Vintage Days event. Any competitor falling behind the Follower, who is no other than Craig himself will be disqualified, so keeping up with the rest of the pack is a must. Entrants we also required to be able to carry four grocery bags, to prove the useability of the machines.

Last year, the winner was Fred Hayes, who got 149.7 mpg (1.57 l/100 km) from his diesel two-wheeler, so the bar is really high. We’ll find out very soon if Hayes’ record stands past this weekend.
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