Costco Gas Pump Charges Money Even After Fuel Has Stopped

How many times have you wondered if the gas pump is really giving you the fuel you're paying for? Everything looks legit, but there is no way of seeing what's going on or counting the gallons yourself.
Costco Gas Pump Charges Money Even After Fuel Has Stopped 1 photo
And one Costco gas pump in Modesto California was recently filmed blatantly stealing a customer's money. The worst thing is that the manager of the station took absolutely no action when confronted with this video footage.

After he heard the little clicking sound made when the tank is full, the guy removed the nozzle from the car but realized that the machine was still rolling numbers and taking money as if it was still dispersing fuel.

It only manages to take about 5 cents, but if you imagine that maybe 1000 people fill up in a day at a station, it adds up to $50, which is $1,500 per month of what's basically stolen money. According to the description of the video, the guy was told a total lie by the Costco manger, that only the Premium Fuel pump has a small issue (he's using regular not premium) and that it "does that when the tank reservoirs are low."

Some people with better understanding of fluid dynamics told us that the the self-priming sump is drawing up air, which causes bubbles to rise though the flowmeter. With a little liquid still in there, the overall effect is like sucking bubbles though a straw when you're drinking soda.

Forget about giant anacondas or being eaten by sharks, this is a nightmare we're probably going to have for the rest of our lives – that gas companies are ripping us off and there's nothing we can do about it. And why is Costco selling gas now, weren't they just a supermarket chain?

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