Convertibles Are Child-Eating Monsters

Little girl "getting eaten" by a convertible 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Facebook
There are plenty of reasons to have children - almost as many as for not having them. From the classic “to leave something behind” to the more menial “go get me another beer from the fridge,” people have always found it a good idea to procreate.
There are equally numerous reasons to buy a convertible car, especially if you don’t live in Siberia and have to make a fire under your car every morning just to turn its fluids back to their liquid form. They are the closest you can get to the freedom of motorcycle riding without leaving the comfort of a proper seat and the safety of the four wheels.

However, all the reasons you might think of in favor of both these decisions will be rendered obsolete by the video you are about to see. Whoever this guy is (Facebook user Anthony Ramsey), we would just like to say one thing: you, sir, are a genius.

Of course, there will be those who will watch the clip and empathize with the little girl a little too much, calling him a schmuck and all that. Which we’d imagine was the same name he got from the girl’s mother (and his wife) just after the filming ended or when she saw the footage, if she wasn’t present at the time.

We know that making fun of them isn’t a good reason to have children, but if they’re already around, why not make the most of it? It’s just harmless fun, after all, and they’re probably too little to even remember all this later on. You know, when you’re old and need somebody to help you with the most basic activities a human being has.

We watched it four or five times in a row and laughed every time, so unless that little girl was left with a lifetime convertible-phobia, we’d say it was worth it. What’s the few screams of one little girl compared to the millions of giggles this clip has produced?

Yup, it’s clear, we’re not ready to have kids.

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