Cocky Mercedes C63 AMG Driver Crashes in Manchester

C63 AMG crash in Manchester 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
At a recent supercar and sportscar event called the Gumball Meet in the British city of Manchester, this Mercedes C63 AMG driver ended up crashing into a pole after one too many attempts at hooning on the road. Here is yet more proof, if any was needed, that driving on the limit should be done on the track, not though traffic.
Youtuber SupercarChannel92 says he was actually filming the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster when the crash happened, but his camera wasn't pointed at the Merc during the crash. However, after seeing the loony driver aggressively run his car through a roundabout, we kind of know what happened.

Clearly, the driver's ego was stroked by all the cameras around him and planted his foot into the carpet way too many times. Ironically, once he does crash, he's surrounded by a hundred amateur photographers, all rushing to get a glimpse of the carnage. The C63's airbags have fully deployed, indicating a severe crash. But despite this, nobody seems to be concerned with the welfare of the driver.

Damage to the white Affalterbach machine looks severe on the left side, where the pole has gone into the wheel arch. However, it looks reparable. On some models, Mercedes has engineered the engines to drop off their mounts in order to stop them from pushing into the passenger cell. Let's just hope this isn't the case here.

Editor's note: This guy doesn't deserve his C63 AMG!

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