Chris Brown’s Driveway Looks Like the Batcave at Night

Chris Brown’s Driveway Looks Like the Batcave, at Night 1 photo
Photo: Chris Brown on Instagram
Hey, we know that Instagram filters are getting better by the day, but even without using one the Rezvani Beast is a head turner. And that was what happened with all the passers-by who witnessed the shooting of the visuals for the rapper’s new single, Liquor, on set in Los Angeles, recently. But it’s not about what the 26-year-old artist is doing that came to our interest, but rather of how two of his cars look together when the night kicks in.
And the looks of the Rolls-Royce Wraith sitting in the shadow of a Rezvani Beast is probably what made the young artist describe the view as “Bruce Wayne vs. Batman”. We can’t imagine there’s one person out there that doesn’t get the hint, but just for the fun of it, let us decipher what Brown was talking about.

Bruce Wayne is a billionaire industrialist and a notorious playboy. Probably one of the few superheroes that has no superpower, he is one of the world’s smartest men. In DC Comics’ view, Wayne also is the founding member of the Justice League and the Outsiders. Now, would he drive a Rolls-Royce, not to mention the Wraith? It’s hard to tell, but if we were to bet our money, we’d say Batman is driving a classic in real life.

In terms of what the Caped Crusader used as his hero ride throughout the years, we think that the Tim Burton 1989 Batmobile is the best. There’s that Art Deco flavour to it that always wins. Did Rezvani Motors get some inspiration from the movie? There may be some similarities between the two although looking at it from a different angle, it rather makes us think of Lamborghini.

Getting back to Chris Brown’s rides, however, we should also mention that the rapper is one of the first celebrities in the showbiz to get a Beast. We have already reported about his new toy, but judging that he took it straight on set for his new single, it’s safe to say he’s reinventing himself once again.

As to the Lamborghini resemblance, we believe that the Italian supercar maker has no need to worry about it, naturally.
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