Chinese Rides Scooter with IV Injection

They say time is money and probably this guy was in a hurry, but it's terribly awkward to see a guy riding his scooter in the middle of the traffic AND carry his own IV bag.
There's no telling whether this guy was leaving a medical unit or was riding towards one. The latter case could make some sense: the guy was already on an IV, called the ambulance, or decided it will come too late anyway so he picked up his gear and rode the scooter to the hospital.

Now, since the news piece was in Chinese, it's rather hard to tell the truth. Anyway, such behavior is both risky and foolish. Maybe the guy cares very little for his safety and such a stunt does not seem so silly, but due to his condition and medical implement he was carrying, he could have easily crashed along his road.

And in fact we can't even be sure he didn't, do we?


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