Chelsea's Winger Willian Wants Us to Believe His NFS-Inspired M3 Is Remotely Controlled

BMW E46 M3 drifting "remotely controlled" 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
The latest Need for Speed title is now out on shelves around the world and you’d be a fool not to play it. All the reviews coming in seem to be favorable and even high-profile stars appear to have fallen in love with it. The latest name on that list is Chelsea FC winger Willian.
As it turns out, the man ordered himself a BMW E46 M3 that was supposed to look just like the one in the virtual realm of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. In case you don’t remember, the cover photo of that title included a GTR M3 that was silver with blue accents.

Well, despite all the hard work the guys from Yiannimize put in, they seemingly failed at creating a perfect replica. Of course, creating a GTR version of the iconic M3 would’ve been extremely tedious in the first place, but they failed even at applying the correct color to the car. Or maybe this was Willian’s request; we don’t know for sure.

Either way, they added a wing to the trunk and called it a day after wrapping the Bimmer in a foil that mimicked the shape of the decals on the game version. Willian then apparently took to the parking lot and drifted the hell out of the car, but there’s a twist.

He’s portrayed here as if he’s remotely driving the car via a PS4 controller. While we were amazed at first, we took a couple of closer looks and realized that there was foul play involved.

First of all, remote controls for a full-sized car are very much a thing. As a matter of fact, there are even competitions in which guys drive full-size cars on various tracks using remotes. However, those vehicles are using sophisticated machines that control the steering, pedals, and even handbrake, all of which are missing in the video below.

Furthermore, the driver’s seat was changed with what looks like one taken from an old-school muscle car for some unexplainable reason. To top it all, the steering wheel doesn’t move in certain scenes where it should, leaving us to discover that this is a fake setup.

But how did they do it? Our guess is that the plexiglass cover mounted between the front and rear seats is actually hiding the driver of the car, who uses extenders to control it. In case you guys have any other guesses, feel free to chip in in the comments section below.

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