Cars Sold in Germany Cost €26,000 on Average in 2012, Porsche Makes Biggest Profit

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As you've probably heard by now, Germany went "what crisis" and kept on buying new cars the past few years, as France or Italy sank to new market lows. Not only is the market strong in terms of sheer volume, but a new study sheds light onto the high profitability as well.
According to a study conducted by the CAR-Center at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germans bough 3.08 million cars in Germany last year, costing on average €26,000 per unit.

As you'd expect, domestic brands dominated both in terms of volume and profitability, though there were unexpected surprises. For instance, Hyundai and Kia made an average of €1,183 in profit for their cars, while Nissan wasn't far behind with €890 in profit per car.

People who wanted a Mercedes Benz payed almost twice as much than average, €42,000 per car, leaving the Stuttgart carmaker with €3,032 in profit every time somebody left the showroom with a car.

Audi and BMW made off with even more money per car, as they banked an average of €3,721 and €4,132 per new car. Not surprisingly, French carmakers actually lost money in 2012, each German customer costing Renault €241 and PSA Peugeot Citroen a massive €510.

However, the real headline grabber has to be Porsche. They made off with a massive €17,053 in profit. Ferrari probably more with their overpriced luggage and expensive colors, but you have to admit Ferdinand made one profitable car company.

Story via Yahoo Finanzen Deutchland
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