Bugatti Veyron Goes Offroading, Drives Through the Forest

Bugattis are just as much about being mean as they are about going fast, so these aren’t the kind of machines you can unsettle by placing a speck of dust in front of their air intake. But what about many, many small particles taking on a Veyron, all at once?
Girl on top of Bugatti Veyron 1 photo
This is the question that arises after seeing the example below going for an offroading session. No, we’re not used to seeing Bugattis being used as forest-driving instruments either, which is why we figured we should share this clip with you.

As you’ll be able to see, the Veyron in the footage wasn’t driven over the typical gravel road that could probably accommodate an F1 car under certain conditions. Instead, we are talking about a terrain that puts the Veyron’s suspension to the kind of work it has only seen during its development process more than a decade ago.

We haven’t mentioned the Bug’s age by accident - now that the Veyron has been retired, the sanctity aura around the hypercar has been broken. As a result, we see the Veyron engaging in all sort of unholy activities, most of which were hard to imagine back when the hypercar was reigning.

Aside from the forest trip we’ve brought you today, we’re referring to racing tuned M5s and losing, serving as training ground for football players and other such activities.

Interestingly enough, a single unit of the 450 Veyrons ever built deserves most of the credit for this. Known around the web as the Dutchbugs Veyron, this is the car used for all the shenanigans described above, offroading included.

Then again, we said “most of the credit,” as this isn’t the only Veyron we’ve seen going down the funny route. Which is why we added the photo below, which sees a young lady in knee highs using another Veyron as a pedestal. Oh, and there's also the Veyron that's going through a 1,600 hp transformation process.


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