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Brazillian Inmates Pedal for Electricity and Sentence Reduction

Inmates from a Brazilian prison, near Santa Rita do Sapucai, a town located in the mountains north of Sao Paulo, are now being given the option of lower sentences, by providing ‘clean’ energy, through pedal-power.
There are quite a few advantages to this idea, as the prisoners improve their health, lower their sentence and provide green energy.

The ‘prisoner power’ trickles into the main power supply of the nearby city, which ultimately feeds the public illumination. Also, the system seems quite fair, to us, as for each complete day they pedal (24 hours), the exact amount is detracted from their sentence - this definitely motivates them to take this matter very seriously.

Now, with power, food and money shortages around the world, perhaps all prisoners should be given the opportunity to pedal for freedom and green energy, as it benefits everybody involved.


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