Bosozoku Lamborghini Has Leopard Wrap and Takeyari Bamboo Spear Exhaust

Bosozoku Lamborghini Has Leopard Wrap and Takeyari Bamboo Spear Exhaust 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
At the beginning of The Dark Night, Joker told a mobster banker that "I believe whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you ... stranger." Drove off in a school bus after that, but I bet he would have loved this Lamborghini Murcielago instead.
It's one of the strangest cars we've ever seen, and it could only have come from Japan. Mind you, this isn't from the same sort of Japan that gave us the tea ceremony and samurais, it's from the one that brought about the Harajuku girls and festivals dedicated to… man parts.

This 640 horsepower Lamborghini boats a Liberty Walk body kit, which widens the body to its new extremes. After that, it was covered in chrome wrap with a leopard print.

That's not even the weird part, as recently, it received metal studs all over. Those are usually seen on sneakers, caps and bags, so the Lambo looks like a gigantic accessory.

All the panel lines and some of the intakes are painted red. So are the wide alloy wheels, which have been wrapped with expensive P Zero tires.

But the weirdest part of this V12 land shark is the exhaust system. Two pipes come out from where the stock ones would have been and shoot up at a 30-degree angle. The tips are cut to give them a syringe-like appearance.

Does this Lamborghini secretly want to be a boat or does this owner wish to pay tribute to his past truck driving job? Neither one, as this is a Japanese classical tuning style called "Takeyari". Apparently, it's inspired by bamboo sticks and has been going on since before youngsters in America ever knew what a "ricer" was.

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