BMW M4 Rendered as a Shooting Brake

With Mercedes-Benz bringing out the CLA Shooting Brake model in a few weeks BMW seems to be standing still in this department, despite launching a plethora of new models as of late. The thing is, nobody seems to be looking into the shooting brake niches just yet.
BMW M4 Shooting Brake 1 photo
For us it’s a relief because enough is already enough. We can take the usual sedan/coupe/wagon variations and even maybe the Gran Coupe and Gran Turismo madness but you have to stop at some point. A shooting brake might be just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

On the other hand, plenty of people like this shape and would like to see it go into production. After all, the Ferrari FF is not the company’s worst car. It’s not the best either but nothing to scoff at nonetheless.

To set things straight, the guys from X-Tomi design created a rendering of a possible M3/M4 posing as a shooting brake. While everything up to the driver’s seat was kept untouched, the rest of the car received the typical proportions of the cars that used to be taken on hunting road trips.

The response of the community was diverse. Some said they like it while others simply asked for it to come in a 5-door guise and just be done with it. The thing is, it might work, as long as the management is busy creating all sorts of niche models.

And we’re not only talking about an M version here. Just put the 4 Series chassis to work and offer it with a good price and enough of them might sell to justify the investment into its making. Since you’re trying every body styling possible out there, why not go the whole ten yards and try this one too?


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