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BMW i3 Review by Road & Track

After we saw what Edmunds, Car and Driver, Chris Harris and even Top Gear had to say about the i3, it's time for another big magazine to reveal its thoughts on the new all-electric car, Road & Track.
BMW i3 Test Drive 1 photo
Just like the others, they too were invited by BMW to test the new city-car that will be officially released next week. Apart from what everyone else said (mostly technical info), this time we have a more insightful look into the car.

The thing about the i3, according to them, is that BMW is really scared of how people will receive it and how well it will sell. Looking over the extensive efforts put into creating this car, it's easy to see why.

Development for this EV began as far back as 2007 and the balance for all the R&D underwent over the years reached sky-rocketing values thus uneasiness is understandable.

Looking over how the car feels on the road and what it offers at a starting price of $41,000 before tax cuts, we think it's going to be a hit. The electric motor and batteries will keep the car going for 160 km (100 miles) at the worst and with the range extender feature that value doubles.

Being developed especially as a city-car it has a very small turning circle and the rear seats are easy to get into due to the suicide-style rear doors. Furthermore, the warranty for this car is 60,000 miles (nearly 100,000 km) and 8 years. That's a long time!

It's clear to see that BMW has very high hopes for the i3. Reviews are critical for the success of this car as people don't know what to expect. Road & Track themselves (which are not known for particularly liking BMWs) said that "It deserves success as it stands though. It’s very, very good" and that should be a great starting point.


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