BMW i3 by 3D Design Is Hardcore

BMW i3 by 3D Design 13 photos
Photo: 3D Design
BMW i3 by 3D Design
 When it comes to tuning BMWs there are plenty of options out there but how about the hybrids and electric models. Oh, you didn’t know? BMW makes this kind of cars too these days. You can spot them by the unusual design.
Of course, we’re joking but there is a hint of truth behind out joke, as is usually the case. You see, BMW’s I sub-brand is supposed to look different and, even though most of the world doesn’t agree, we like it.
It was therefore only a matter of time until someone thought that they could do a better job than the designers in Munich. First, we saw the EVO i3 that was created in Japan and then we saw one with custom wheels on. This time, we’re going back to Asia to take a closer look at yet another ‘special’ car.
BMW i3 by Studie and 3D Design
If you’re one that likes Bimmers, you probably heard of 3D Design. The Japanese tuning company is rather well known around the forums for creating stylish add-on parts for the German cars. However, they didn’t say a word about being interested in tuning an i3.
They did it though, without too much fuss. In order to get perfect results, they also joined forces with another famous Japanese tuner, Studie. The end project is rather spectacular.
Their i3 was painted in Fire Orange, the same color that was first introduced on the limited spec E92 M3 GTS, a car that lights up your blood as soon as you see it.
Then they went ahead and continued with the same color throughout the cabin only to add a couple of black accents here and there. The front fascia also received a new front splitter on the bumper, from 3D Design. Round the back, the roof is now sporting a spoiler as well, noticeable on the rear window.
Other changes include a drop in height and orange Recaro front seats. You might say that’s ridiculous but considering this particular car also has a retrofitted BMW Active Sound Design system you’ll stop laughing. That’s right, you can choose the engine sound you prefer between a V8, V10, V12 or even a trademark inline 6-cylinder. It must be something to have all of them at your disposal.
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