BMW F20 1 Series Hidden Menu Access DIY

BMW F20 1 Series Hidden Menu 1 photo
Hidden menus have been installed on BMWs ever since the electronic display was invented alongside the ECU. Most of us are intrigued by it and curious about what it might reveal.
Basically, what the hidden menus will reveal are interesting information about your car like the engine temperature, RPMs, various pressure sensors' readings and many other things.

So, today we're checking out the hidden menus on the F20 1 Series. This is what you need to do to gain access to them:
  1. Start the engine and keep the doors and boot closed so that you don't have a warning message displayed
  2. Keep the odometer reset button pressed until the Board Computer screen changes (around 10 seconds)
  3. Release the button when the screen changes. You'll see a nice menu with numbered options. To scroll through the options just press the odometer button
  4. Go to option number 4 (UNLOCK) and then press the odometer button for a couple of seconds to enter the menu for this option. It will ask for the unlock code.
  5. Don't panic! You have the code, it's the sum of your car's VIN number's last 5 digits. For example, if the last 5 digits on the VIN of your car are 12345, the code is 15.
  6. To enter the code, you have to press the odometer button for as many times as the sum indicates. For the example we showed you at step 5, you'll have to press the button 15 times.
  7. After inserting the code, press the odometer reset button for a couple of seconds to go to the previous menu, revealing the secret menu.
That's it! Now you can do all sorts of things with your hidden menu: check oil temps, coolant temps, MPG, etc. Enjoy!
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