BMW C evolution Electric Scooters Get 20% Incentive in Italy

BMW’s debut electric maxi scooter, the C evolution will soon start appearing in the dealers’ showrooms, but the price may be a little too steep for some customers. With a €15,750 ($21,950) price tag which brings this well into the price range of the amazing R nineT or other similar machines, the C evolution is not going to sell like hot cakes.
BMW C evolution electric scooter 1 photo
Photo: BMW
Still, in Italy, it looks like the government is really looking forward to seeing more electric vehicles on the street, so customers get a 20% incentive, and this brings the price of the BMW C evolution to a more sensible €12,600 ($17,570), which can now rival that of other e-bikes. And it looks like the Italian government will also offer 5 years exempt from paying road tax, which adds to the overall savings buying and riding a BMW C evolution come with.

In Italy, a full 8kWh charge for the C evolution is only €1 ($1.4) and will last for more than 100 km (62 miles), making this machine truly economical for those who commute a lot, and given the weather conditions around the year in Italy, scooters really seem to be one of the great choices.

BMW offers a 5-year, 50,000 km (31,000 miles) warranty for the battery inside the C evolution. Couple this with the 48 horsepower and 120 km/h (74.5 mph) electronically limited top speed, plus all the perks of riding a full-sized maxi scooter, and we might be looking at BMW’s next hit, especially if more governments are willing to provide such incentives for it.

Follow the link to find more details and hi-res photos of the BMW C evolution electric maxi scooter.
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