BMW 1 Series Crashes on the Nurburgring

BMW 1 Series Crash 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Oh, the Nurburgring! Probably the best track there is out there for any BMW enthusiast. We've all seen a lot of impressive videos showing record breaking laps and incredible driving, but those are done by professionals.
What happens when amateurs drive on this track? We know, it takes some time to reach a level of control good enough to keep your car on the road. We can't all be good drivers from the first moment we step on a race track. However, some of us think they are better than they really are.

It's the case with our friend here today. Racing on the Nurburgring will make you want to go faster and faster and even prove that handling is more important than power, but don't overdo it.

The guy in the video is driving a 1 Series and is working really hard to show the M6 driver that he can best him, just by handling and that the power surplus of the 6er doesn't matter. Of course, things go bad, otherwise we wouldn't have show you the video.

The 1er spins out of control in a corner and ends up crashing into the red and white wall on the side of the track. Fortunately nobody was injured and the disputed on whether the other drivers should've stopped to help or not is still open. Of course on a track day, you are not allowed to stop on the track but, since the Nurburgring is also used as a free public toll road, the rules could be different. When driving on a public road in Germany you are required by law to stop and help if you see a car crash. Unfortunately, the uploader of the video didn't specify if this was a track day or not.

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