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Ben Affleck Improperly Parks His S-Class

Ben Affleck was recently photographed while he was struggling to squeeze through an impossibly small gap between the door of his S-Class Mercedes-Benz, the wall of his garage and the car itself. Good thing thing Ben is keeping fit, otherwise he could have been stuck there for days.
Ben Affleck's S-Class 1 photo
Also, while his S-Class may have been cleaned of all badging, we suspect it’s probably the S63, a car which is not that common in the US, where the S500 is considered the norm. We applaud his choice of the sportier and more unique model, and judging by the expression on his face, the ride was definitely a pleasant one, with the V8 rumbling away under the huge bonnet.

The rear light cluster of the latest S-Class is also nicely shaped and flows well with the tapered rear of the car, and since it is usually the rear light and the corner of a car that shows up in celebrity car pictures, we say ha has made an excellent choice.

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