Beechcraft C-45H Is a Military Plane You Can Get for the Price of a Premium Car

The Beechcraft Model 18 was one of the most important airplanes of the last century. It didn’t take part in aerial battles, and it didn’t rain death from above during some war, but is to this day one of the longest-production aircraft in history.
Beechcraft C-45H 10 photos
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The Beech Aircraft Corporation started making it in 1937 as a twin-engined, tail-wheel light aircraft, perfectly suited for anything from carrying executives to and fro to taking part in military training or reconnaissance operations.

By the time production of the aircraft ended in 1970, some 9,000 of them had been made, in a wide number of variations, suited to either civilian or military use. About half of them were deployed for service.

The one we have here is of the C-45H variety, meaning it was converted, along with about 430 others, for service with the U.S. Air Force. In the case of this Beechcraft, its service meant deployment with the 118th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, then the 118th Tactical Fighter Squadron, from 1958 to 1959, but its operational history when in active duty is not detailed.

We do know that soon after retiring it was approved for use as a skydiving plane in 1979, and was in possession of several owners since.

Presently the plane sits in Delaware, showing 8,875 total time since new. It’s been the subject of some extensive work, with changes including the replacement of the leading edges, addition of new oil and fuel lines, and the fitting of new harnesses.

The plane comes with no interior aft of the cockpit, but it does sell with spare parts, including nose tanks, exhaust, windows, and engine mounts, and “lots of manuals.”

The asking price for this plane on Platinum Fighters, where it is listed, is $110,000, making it about as accessible as a Tesla Model S Performance, provided you have the skills and qualifications to make something of it.

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