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Beautiful Chevrolet Camaro Ruined With 32-inch Rims

Thought the huge rims mounted on sportscars fashion has ended? Not going to happen too soon and here’s one of the latest creations in the donk category - a stunning-looking pearl green Camaro chopped to fit huge but skinny tires.
Nice Chevrolet Camaro rollin on donks 1 photo
“From sportscar to carriage in a couple months” - that’s how the DVD showing the build up process should be called if there’s going to be one. We hope it won’t, because encouraging this fashion is like forcing all guys to impersonate Justin Bieber.

Yeah, we’re a bunch of haters apparently, but apart from looking somehow head-turning, donk wheels are totally ruining a sportscar. Yeah, put them on a Hummer, because that car is all about excess, but keep them away from performance machines - you’ll ruin them.

That nice green Camaro you see bellow is useless now. Goodbye handling, ride comfort, low center of gravity, quick turning and powerslides. All you can do now is a weak burnout and climb the curb at 0.2 mph.

Don’t forget about fuel consumption too. Those 32-inch rims plus the huge spinners must weight like a decent-sized asteroid. The paint and the detailed interior job are awesome, although we can’t find a good reason why would someone need screens embedded in the doors. Probably because #SWAG?


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