Baby Purrari Abarth Rendering Is Digitally Trolling Ferrari

In case you are wondering why the Abarth above displays such a wacky livery, you should know that this is a rendering that has to do with a topic which seriously upsets Ferrari. We’ll start with how Maranello ended up having to deal with something called a Nyan Cat.
Baby Purrari Abarth Rendering 4 photos
Baby Purrari Abarth RenderingBaby Purrari Abarth RenderingBaby Purrari Abarth Rendering
It’s not everyday that somebody manages to offend Ferrari and yet Canadian DJ Deadmau5 has unintentionally pulled just such a move earlier this year when he reinvented his 458 Spider as the Purrari. He raced the thing in this year's Gumball, boosting its popularity.

Maranello sent the electronic music produce a cease and desist letter that determined the man to remove the Nyan Cat wrap on the supercar, as well as the Purrari badges. Apparently, these were the most unpleasant part of the customisation, as far as the Italians were concerned.

Nissan just couldn’t help itself and trolled Ferrari following the story, with its official twitter account showing an image of a Nyan car wrap on a GT-R. The pic was most likely photoshopped, but Deadmau5 subsequently received an example of Godzilla from Nissan, albeit without the wrap.

Joel Zimmerman, to use the man’s actual name, has left the Maranello story behind - aside from enjoying his new GT-R, the DJ is giving people rides in his McLaren 650S via the Uber app.

Nevertheless, it seems that other people aren’t ready to shelve the Purrari stuff yet. For instance, one car afficionado who goes by the name of John Keep decided to digitally give his Abarth a Nyan Car wrap. One thing led to another and we are now looking at a... Baby Purrari. The man even came up with his own interpretation of the Purrari logo, so this is definetly one spicy matter.


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