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Australian Start-Up Wants to Put Human Conscience in Robots

A start-up called Humai claims it has a mission to reinvent the afterlife (whatever that means), and it wants to do that using artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to store data of conversational styles, behavioral patterns, thought processes and information about how one’s body functions from the inside-out.
Australian Start-Up Wants to Put Human Conscience in Robots 1 photo
How exactly will they pull this off? Well, the Australian start-up is not explicit about its strategy, but it says this data will be coded into multiple sensor technologies, which will be built into an artificial body with the brain of a deceased. “Using cloning technology, we will restore the brain as it matures,” the company’s website claims.

The firm’s founder, Josh Bocanegra, told Popular Science that this resurrected mind would control the artificial body functions with its thoughts, measuring its waves. As the brain ages, scientists will then use nanotechnology to repair and improve cells, apparently. So far, these plans sound like a Sci-Fi book you read on a Thanksgiving evening, but one would wonder whether this start-up even exists or if it was rather created to pull off some virtual prank.

Bocanegra - who seems to be a young entrepreneur looking to develop his own business - says that so far his firm only has five employees. One person is working on Artificial Intelligence, another is focused on bionics and sensors. There’s also “an ambassador” who seems to be like a PR manager, busy with educating the public about Humai’s mission and technology.

It should also be noted there’s no funding other than the founder’s own money so far, which kind of tells a lot about how serious this guy really is. His idea may be promising as both nanotechnology and AI have developed quite a lot in recent years, but to pull something like this off one may need a lot more than just a five-person company and a Facebook account.


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