Apple Car Fake Video Is like Watching an Alien Dissection

John Oliver says that YouTube conspiracy theories are science fiction for people who don't understand they are watching science fiction. It's been ages since your eye watched an alien direction or UFO landing in Area 51. What's stopping us? It has nothing to do with cars or drifting.
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The automotive industry is like an open book where camouflaged prototypes are used as marketing tools, paraded around the block to sucker us journalists into writing a story. However, there is one project we know very little about, and that's the Apple "iCar."

The phone making giant is preparing some sort of autonomous thing that will forever change the way we go to work. But since Google is doing the same, Apple is playing its cards close to the chest.

A couple of days ago, a YouTube channel called MeniThings uploaded a supposed spy video of the Apple iCar. It's obviously fake, judging from the camera movements and effects. It also doesn't help that all their other videos are about alien dissections, landings or sightings.

Just because something isn't real doesn't mean we can't enjoy it. Hollywood is built on the suspension of disbelief. I can't even make fun of the video. It's not like I have the CGI skills to pull something like this off and it's still better than all the Chuck Noris and Steven Seagal stunts combined.

Motor Trend recently examined the Apple car, combining the wisdom of artists, designers, engineers and other kinds of smart people. They also came up with a bubble car with a minimalist look. Last year, Mercedes-Benz presented the F015 concept they nicknamed "luxury in motion." Their Germanic thinkers argue that the cars of the future will be living rooms on wheels, so the mono-volume design is the best way to take advantage of the available footprint. We added a video of that below so you can compare the two!

Editor's note: If Apple made a secret prototype, they wouldn't use "APL-2020" for the number plates, would they?

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