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Anti-Theft Tips from HEAT

The holiday season is upon us and, as it usually happens this time of the year, more and more people will start thinking of what they need and can buy rather than on the security of their cars. And, for all intents and purposes, we understand that behavior as we too fall pray to pretty much the same oblivion.

There are some though who made a living from telling us how not to get a shopping cart full of goodies and no means to get them home. HEAT, short for Help Eliminate Auto Thefts, released today a few pieces of advice regarding what you should and should not do with your car while going shopping.

Some of the below tips may appear to be a bit exaggerated but, as it happens with any good advice, if it works, you'll never know it.
  • stay alert and watchful – stop doing what you were doing and lock and secure the car
  • park in well-lit, high-traffic areas – the more visible your car is, the harder to steal
  • place valuables and purchases in the trunk or out of view – eliminate temptation for wannabe crooks
  • remember where your car is parked – so you don't call the police for nothing
  • move your car – when you keep bringing stuff to the car and leave for another shopping round, remember to move you car and again eliminate temptation for wannabe crooks
  • if threatened by a carjacker with a weapon, give up the car – and its contents, we might add, provided the contents aren't people
  • if you witness an auto theft or carjacking, call the police immediately - after all, you too might be at the other end of the rope


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