Another Wheelchair-Friendly Trike That Gets the Job Done

Thanks to engineers who put a lot of effort into creating new mobility platforms, even people who are confined to a wheelchair can experience the freedom riding provides.
An electric trike that accommodates a wheelchair and a pet 1 photo
Surely, only a few of them will get the chance to return to the saddle of a traditional motorcycle modified to meet their needs, but even a vehicle that one can ride from their wheelchair is a tad closer to the real thing and, therefore, able to provide a much better perspective.

We don't have too many tech details about the trike in the video below, but it looks like a purpose-built machine, and so much more than a mere prototype. The electric powertrain makes these vehicles run smoothly and quietly, and because they have zero emissions, they are also usable indoors.

This means that the riders will be able to take them in shopping malls and other areas where the access of gas-powered vehicles is forbidden. As the video demonstrates, a trike like this one can also accommodate a pet. To regular folk, this may not seem like too big an accomplishment, but disabled people often feel very attached to their pets that are seen like an important supportive factor in everyday lives.

Of course, almost any such vehicle is subject to various improvements, from safety to comfort-focused features. Some suggested a canopy to protect from excessive sun or rain, while others insisted on the importance of anchor points for a pet's leash, and so on.

Certainly, the more people look into this, the better the future designs will become. However, until the "perfect" mobility vehicle is designed, we can only thank all those whose dedication and ambition are making life better for those of us who are less fortunate.

Still, we are advocating the use of motorcycle helmets of some sort among people riding such vehicles, especially those who are taking to the public roads.


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